There are tons of sample resume sites on the internet. Just a few of them are here, here, here, here, here and here.

But have you ever noticed that most of them are complete crap? Sure, they have hundreds of “sample resumes” for you to click on, but would you want to turn something like this into an employer? How dull. I don’t think so.

Why are these sites so poor? Because they’re basically spam. Most of these sites just want you to find them on search engines and then click on the ads. So they offer up text resumes for hundreds of different categories. But they don’t care about what they look like. They don’t care about what they say. They just want the “sample resumes” to rank highly on search engines and then hope you’ll click on the ads.

Some of these sites just use automated templates. Some of them outsource typists from India to fill in keywords. That’s why the grammar is so poor on some of these so called “sample resumes.” NONE of them offer you what you were really searching for: an example of a quality resume sample that you can take and turn into a job-winning resume.

Look. I’m a design guy. I’m a professional resume writer. I’m tired of seeing these spam sample resume sites that don’t help anyone and don’t give anyone a good idea of what a decent resume is supposed to look like.

I’ve been a professional resume writer for almost 15 years… This is important to me.

What this site does differently is that we contacts the biggest and most respected resume companies on the internet and asks them for their best sample resumes. Not just any samples. We want their best, most popular, cutting edge designs. We want to see the best of the best. We’re talking contemporary, cutting-edge work. We want to show you only the best current resume designs out there. We want to show you what works and what gets results so that you can be inspired to write your own resume with an eye toward quality.

What do the sites get out of it? Well, we’ll give them links and credit, and maybe you’ll be impressed and inquire about their services.

What do I get out of it? As you’ve seen, I’ve put up ads of my own. I’ll be honest. I’m not above getting something back to compensate me for my time. But I am telling you straight out: I’m not making a link farm here. I’m not making a spam site.

ResumeService.net will be dedicated to showing you REAL resume samples… REAL cutting edge and professional resume templates and designs. I’ll be doing my bit to fight the spam and stand up for my profession: to show the best of what Professional Resume Writers can do.

I hope you find it all helpful.

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