B2B Sales Sample Resume

I always say that when it comes to sales resumes, the most important thing you can do is show tangible results. A sales resume needs to be chock full of numbers: “increased sales x%” “cultivated and landed $15 million dollar mulit-year account.” That sort of thing.

This sample resume has a lot of good, hard numbers. You’ll hopefully want the numbers to grow and be more impressive with each successive position. You want your career history to tell a story… a story of improving and impressive results.

I also like the core competencies section. They showed not only what sorts of sales they specialize in, but also what specific skills relating to the sales game they have mastery of.

If I were writing this resume, tho, I would not have used ALL bullets in the career history. I prefer normal paragraphs to describe the job, and use bullets only to highlight specific results. After all, if everything is emphasized, nothing is. So leave the bullets for emphasis. Just my own personal quibble.

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