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Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Administrative Assistant Sample Resume

Administrative Assistant Sample Resume

This is another sample resume that I think makes excellent use of bullets. Again, if everything is bulleted, then nothing stands out. You only want to bullet items on your resume that you want to emphasize. Emphasize tangible accomplishments. This resume does that.

Administrative Assistant resumes need to do two main things:

  1. They need to show a comprehensive mastery of all the functions of an office. This should include a strong emphasis on organizational skills. Notice that this resume does that right up front, listing a comprehensive number of basic skills key for the job.
  2. An Admin or Executive Assistant also needs to show tangible results. Notice the mentioning of solid business growth and revenue figures.
Finally, this also makes excellent use of the idea of the inverted pyramid. I.e.: the most recent job should have the most amount of words and info. The next job should have slightly less. Then the last job should have slightly less. And on and on so that the final job has the least info.
An inverted pyramid: the most info at the top (for the most recent job) and the least at the bottom (for the oldest job).
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